It was always going to be Italian varieties for fall from grace; Vintages spent in Italy, sharing food, feeling at home, textures, flavours, drinkability-the table is always pumping and the wines always right there in the mix, making the meal, enlivening the discussion, a place for everyone…

McLaren Vale has always been my home, a place we have journeyed from, time and time again- always returning. Italy feels like home, a big hug, the pace we enjoy, the things we value- friends, family.

Italian varieties work here, give us wines with great natural acidity, beautiful flavours, savoury layers and honesty. A blank canvas to explore and paint our own story on -we make village wines that are meant to be shared and enjoyed with food and friends using traditional techniques alongside clay pots, skin contact and minimal intervention-following the currants and expressing the vineyard.

Gill Article

Every vintage we learn something more about the varieties we use, Montepulciano, Arneis, Nero d’Avola. Each vintage another layer is peeled back and our wines evolve.

Our new vineyard overlooks the sea, reminds me of Sicily and will be planted with our favorite Italians – Italian varieties are our future.

Gill Gordon-Smith

Fall From Grace